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Cpe Equipment and Pro Wifi Care Plan

We Recommend using one of our system compatible routers. If you would like to provide your own router that you already have our installation tech will make sure that it is compatible with our equipment.

Remeber just because big retail stores sell router and signal boosters does not mean that the are good quality.

Optional Equipment Services


Pro Wifi Care plan

We supply one of our WIFI Routers and it allows you to personalize your settings thus making your online experience better

Advanced support:

Our team of wireless professionals will support both your wireless internet connection and your home wifi system. If internet or home wifi fail we will come fix it at no cost to you in a timely manner. Pricing: $10 per month

Router Pricing 

Basic Router =100 mbs speed ethernet 4 ports with 2.4ghz wifi

Cost $37.00 plus tax

Medium Router=100 mbs speed ethernet 4 ports with 2.4/5 ghz wifi

Cost $60.00 plus tax

Fast Router=1000 mbs 4 ports ethernet 4 ports with 2.4/5 ghz wifi

Cost $71.00 plus tax

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